Affordable Care Act

This comprehensive health care reform (Full name: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) law enacted in March 2010 is widely called “Obamacare,” the ACA, and, after the program was expanded in 2021 under President Joe Biden, “Bidencare.” The ACA prevents health insurers from denying individuals with pre-existing conditions healthcare coverage.…

Ancillary Policy

A secondary policy to your primary health insurance carrier’s plan covers various medical expenses sustained during a hospital stay, such as ambulance rides, blood, prescriptions, and medical supplies.


A request that your health insurance carrier reviews a prior denial of payment for services rendered or a preauthorization for services requested, whether partial or.


The person or legal entity who receives the benefits from a life insurance policy. Not to be confused with a dependent, who is eligible to be covered by your health insurance and other insurance plans.

Benefit Year

The start and end point for your year of benefits coverage under a health insurance carrier’s plan. The benefit year for the health insurance marketplace is a calendar year, beginning January 1 and ending December 31. But other plans may start in another month, notably if you enrolled in a…


The services or items covered under a health insurance carrier’s plan. A list of covered and excluded benefits is available when purchasing the plan under the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) title. While some benefits, such as preventive care, will be at no cost, others may require copays or…

Bronze Health Plan

Bronze plans typically have the lowest monthly premiums but the highest costs when you get care. This tier is appropriate if you require little medical care and protect yourself if you get sick or injured. (See Silver, Gold, and Platinum Health Plans)

Catastrophic Health Plan

This is a high-deductible health plan for individuals under 30 or those who qualify for a hardship exemption (an event that prevents an individual from procuring health insurance). These plans are strictly for medical emergencies. The monthly premiums are low, and you pay for all costs out of pocket until…