How Agents Can Use Help On Demand Service For Free Leads?

How Agents Can Use Help On Demand Service For Free Leads?

Understanding Help On Demand

Help on Demand is a service designed to assist individuals who are using the federal website, specifically for insurance applications. When these individuals encounter challenges or need guidance while choosing Marketplace insurance plans or completing enrollment applications, they can hit the help button. This is where agents like you come in. If you’re signed up for Help on Demand and available, you’ll receive these leads. This allocation is determined by the agent’s location and the applicant’s specified zip code. Once you receive a lead, you have about 15 minutes to claim the lead. The leads you receive are often from areas near you. Capitalize on this proximity by reassuring the lead that you’re local and easily accessible. By letting them know that you’re nearby, you’re establishing a sense of convenience and personalized support right from the start.

How Does ‘Help On Demand’ Service Work?

When an individual clicks the ‘help’  button and requests assistance on, the ‘Help On Demand’ service seamlessly pairs with an available agent, who operates within the applicant’s state, who is closest geographically, and who speaks the applicant’s language. In cases where multiple agents meet the criteria, priority is given to the one nearest to the consumer. The agent will be notified through email, text, or app notifications, where the agent has a 15-minute window to accept or decline the referral before it’s redirected to the next expert in the queue.

Agents and brokers can either set regular working hours on Help On Demand or be available at their convenience, round the clock, seven days a week. This predictable response time enhances consumer satisfaction. Also, Help On Demand referrals come at no cost to both consumers and agents/brokers.

How to Convert your Leads to your Customers?

Step 1: Initial Contact

When you claim a lead, you’ll typically receive the person’s name, email, and phone number. Now, it’s time to reach out. A simple script can do the trick. For instance:

“Hello Mr. John, I received a notification from indicating that you’re seeking assistance with your application. How can I help you?”

Step 2: Gather Basic Information

During this conversation, it’s crucial to gather their date of birth. This information isn’t included in the initial lead, so asking for it is essential for verification purposes.


Step 3: Search on the Marketplace

If you are using any Marketplace integrated websites you can do a Search in Marketplace. Enter their name, date of birth, and state. This will populate their application, giving you insight into what they’ve filled out.


Step 4: Review the Application Together

Now, walk through their entire application. This is where your expertise comes in. Be sure to document their responses accurately on your intake sheet. This is also a great opportunity to clarify any discrepancies or incomplete information.


Step 5: Re-submit and Update

Based on your conversation and clarifications, update the application as necessary and resubmit it via or any EDE-enabled website services. Once you have the new eligibility results, communicate this to the individual. Inform them of any additional documentation required and the timeframe for submission.


Step 6: Plan Selection

Proceed to select a plan that aligns with their needs. While you’re not obligated to do a doctor and medication network check, it’s highly recommended.


Step 7: Finalizing the Application

After confirming the plan, proceed to finalize the application. This typically involves electronic signatures and agreeing to terms and conditions. Ensure they understand this step clearly.


Step 8: Confirm Payment and Submission

If there’s a premium cost, make sure they’re aware of it. Once payment is processed, submit the application. This will trigger a confirmation message.

Step 9: Post-Submission Steps

Guide them on what to expect next. If any further actions are required, inform them. Remind them to regularly check for updates and respond promptly if additional information is requested.

In summary, Help on Demand offers free customer leads and a unique opportunity to assist individuals in real-time. By following these steps and being attentive to their needs, you can make the enrollment process smoother and more successful for both you and the insured.

Help on Demand – Overview

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