CMS: People with Medicare to Pay Out-of-Pocket Prescription Drug Costs in Monthly Payments

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently announced a groundbreaking initiative that promises to alleviate the financial burden of prescription drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries. President Biden’s prescription drug law, the Inflation Reduction Act, introduces the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan, scheduled to launch in 2025. This plan will allow people with Medicare Part D coverage to pay their out-of-pocket prescription drug costs in manageable monthly payments over the course of the year. The draft guidance for this program has been released for public comment, outlining the program’s requirements and procedures.


Why the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan Matters:

Reduced Upfront Costs: High upfront out-of-pocket prescription drug costs can be a significant challenge for Medicare Part D beneficiaries. This new program will spread these costs across the year, making them more manageable.

Increased Access: By making it easier for seniors and people with disabilities to afford their medications, the program aims to increase access to life-saving drugs and essential treatments.

Lower Financial Stress: Managing healthcare expenses can be stressful, especially for those on fixed incomes. Monthly payments can help reduce financial stress and uncertainty.


What the Draft Guidance Covers:

The draft guidance released by CMS is designed to help Medicare Part D plan sponsors and pharmacies prepare for the new program’s implementation. It addresses key aspects of the program, including:

Identifying beneficiaries likely to benefit from the program.

  • The opt-in process for Part D enrollees.
  • Protections for program participants.
  • Data collection for program evaluation.
  • Strategies to ensure eligible enrollees benefit from related programs, such as the Medicare Savings Programs and Extra Help.

The guidance is released in two parts, with additional guidance set to be released in early 2024. The second part will focus on outreach, education, plan bid information, and compliance monitoring.


What Does This Mean for You?

If you’re a Medicare Part D beneficiary, this new program could significantly improve your financial well-being by making prescription drug costs more predictable and manageable.


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The public comment period for the draft guidance is open for 30 days, so be sure to share your thoughts and insights on this transformative program. Together, we can shape a more affordable and accessible healthcare future for Medicare beneficiaries.